What are Grand Slam Turkey Hunts?

A Grand Slam Turkey Hunt is achieved by harvesting the following five wild turkeys: Osceola (Florida,) Eastern, Merriams, Rio Grande, and the Gould’s Turkey (found in Mexico and very limited in Arizona.) In order to achieve the grand slam either all these species have to be harvested in one season, or over a duration of time (there is no time frame in which to achieve the grand slam) according to adrenalinepursuit.

For information on recognition for grand slams, certificates and other variations of slams visit: http://www.nwtf.org/all_about_turkeys/records_slams.html

There are two species of turkey found in North America, the oscillated turkey (found in Mexico) and the wild turkey (found in the United States). The wild turkey is further divided into six subspecies, four of which are required for the grand slam; they are the Osceola wild turkey, the Eastern wild turkey, the Merriam wild turkey, and the Rio Grande wild turkeys.


Osceola Wild Turkey

Swampland, pine flat woods and scrub oaks are just some of the favorable characteristics that make up the Osceola wild turkeys habitat, and that of the over 20,000 private acre setting of Osceola Turkey Hunting in Central Florida, providing the finest in Florida Turkey Hunting. Hunting seasons run from the 3rd Saturday in March through the 3rd Sunday in April.

Although similar to the Eastern Wild Turkey there are slight variations between the two, the Osceola Turkey is smaller in size and darker in overall color, having more iridescent greens and reds in their feathers, where as the Eastern Wild Turkeys have more bronze tones as described on nwtf.

Documented on the grandslamnetwork, a mature Osceola Turkey male and female can be as tall as 3.5 feet, with the male weighing up to 20 pounds and the female between 8-14 pounds.

These turkeys are found specifically in the central southern region of Florida. The Osceola Turkey gobbles far less than other wild turkeys and patience is the key.

Make sure to visit http://www.myfwc.com to apply for a hunting license.


Eastern Wild Turkey

The Eastern Wild Turkey is the most abundant of the wild turkeys. They inhabit Illinois, Missouri, and Kentucky. Osceola Turkey Hunting has contacts within these states, email inquiries to Jim Seymour at swe352@aol.com.


Merriam Turkey Hunts

Merriam Turkey Hunts at Osceola Turkey Hunts

Merriam’s Wild Turkey

The Merriam inhabit terrains from prairies to the Rocky Mountains, Montana, Nebraska, and Wyoming, Jim has contacts within these states as well.


Rio Grande Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande wild turkeys inhabit Kansas, Mexico and Texas, and can be found near rivers and streams.
For in-depth detail on the habitat, behavior, physical characteristics etc. on these four species of wild turkeys visit http://www.grandslamnetwork.com/ and click on the Wild Turkey Species button in the top navigation. For contacts within these states please email Jim Seymour at swe352@aol.com.

Gould’s Turkeys

The Gould’s Turkeys are located in Mexico and Southern Arizona.