Osceola Turkey Hunting Tips

Osceola Turkey Hunting Tips

Osceola Turkeys are weary, excellent eyesight, with 270 degree vision. Once must sit very still and quiet, calling sparingly.

Camouflage is needed and nearly all patterns work well. Shirts, gloves, face mask, and jackets for varying Florida spring weather as we can be hot and humid or cold and wet.  Bug control is a must as this is Florida, ThermaCel or your favorite spray.

  • Fire arms need to be 10 or 12 gauge, pattern up to 40 yards with heaviest shot possible in your gun
  • Make sure your gun fits you and you are comfortable with your firearm
  • Calling, do not over call, use soft calls… box calls and slate calls are great. Hen yelps and purrs are used for best results
  • Decoys, if you use decoys set them at 25 yards away in an open area so they can be observed by the turkeys
  • Our experience says they work best in the morning when the birds come off the roost to feeding areas. In the afternoon the birds are traveling and seem to investigate the decoys more

We use trees to set up against or blinds. We try to use natural fixtures and back grounds when at all possible. Always listen to your guide as he knows the area and the bird’s habits.

What To Bring

  • Clothing with a dark green camouflage pattern that covers the entire body
  • Choosing between light hiking boots or waterproof boots
  • Compact binoculars
  • Large cooler
  • Long sleeve shirts and long pants, 2 jackets light and heavy, face mask, gloves and a hat
  • Compact flashlight
  • Any other personal hunting equipment you may require

Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting with one of the oldest outfitters in central Florida

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